Our Motto: Vibes Build Tribes

Fast Lane Interactive is ushering in a new direction of influence.

We are a boutique influencer marketing agency pairing the world’s top performing influencers on social media with companies that desire to work with diverse talent in music, television, art, radio, sports and more for ROI generating campaigns and experiences.

Over the years we have worked with top companies like Purina, Tide, Pepsi, Blu Cig USA, Estée Lauder as well as startups in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean helping to introduce our customers to global audiences as well as support their social media marketing campaign needs. Our deep rolodex of top performing social media talent, with a combined reach of close to 1 billion worldwide, keeps us ahead of the curve and has delivered over 500M impressions, 1 million views, over 10,000 downloads a month for gaming and mobile apps, and 300% new follower increase from our “tribe” of influencers and curated experiences.

To put it simply – we put boring to bed, focus on collaborations that matter, and put authenticity first …we let others work with the ordinary!

What Makes Fast Lane Interactive So Different?

We believe the old influencer marketing agency model is broken.

At FLI, to ensure that we successfully deliver authenticity and originality we have developed the FFA Framework ™, part of our 5-Step Influencer Campaign Strategy Process. The FFA Framework is revolutionary because it helps our teamwork with our customers to create, based upon their needs, the best-performing influencer talent and customized campaign with authenticity in mind first.

What does FFA stand for? It stands for fans, fanatic, or addicts – the three ingredients we think all successful influencer marketing campaign must have to achieve ROI.

Today’s audience, on social media, is global and has diverse interest, comes from various backgrounds, and desires to be passionately engaged and transparent with their audience. They desire to work with large as well as boutique and emerging brands. Companies now want to collaborate with influencers for more than their follower count. More and more companies are preferring more unique talent and ongoing relationships over one-time posts and the same old same old. The focus is more and more on collaboration not cost from both the companies and influencers. Crafting great campaigns, selecting the right influencer and negotiating fair rates is where we do our best work.